Just A Lonely Guy Who Is Hurting....

I am married to a wonderful woman who since her mother passed some years ago, has left me lonely and without a real reaseon to go on. I don't have many friends, and what little socail activities we engage in is usually very breif.  I have become quite the recluse, I don't work due to an on-going work related disability. Family is of little help....I don't want them to know of nmy issues. I just don't know where to turn.  Last X-mas was nearly suicidle cause I can't explain my problems to others and don't have an outlet. I have been told to seek pro help, but the shame of that has stopped me from doing so....If you knew me you wouldn't think much was wrong....I try to keep an upbeat outward appearence,  but lately it's been a real struggle and I some times think i shouldn't go on.. I just stay so I don't hurt my family...      I guess what I'm saying is I'm hurting and need help and don't know what to do...

Well, things are about the same except we lost my brother-in-law last year right before Thanksgiving. My Wife's brother. I had to go to his house when no one could reach him and he was gone at a very young age..only 51.  Well tomorrow would be his birthday so we are even more depressed, and that means more isolation and feeling of "why bother, who cares if I am alive or dead". Add to this some recent health problems of my own and I just wonder if everybody in my life would be better off with me gone... I don't know anymore, I guess I just live for the little joys in life. I have heard if you don't expect much you'll never be disappointed.... I haave met some nice people recently that give me hope and I take solice in that.  to be continued.....

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I retired before 50 and my wife got a job to help support her two kids. She goes to work and I am alone. It's hard to find friends that have the time and money to do things with. Everybody is working or they're on welfare trying to the scam the system. I did feel better when I had a dog to take care of. You might want to try getting a dog to walk and take care of. I see deliagian already suggested that. I just wish I could find some decent people to hang out with. I glad you found some nice people, that should help you out.

Getting a pet or 2 will work wonders. They fill your days and will give you alot of affection you are lacking.

Getting a pet or 2 will work wonders. They fill your days and will give you alot of affection you are lacking.

may be you can speck to an online doctor