i think it's only bc i'm always on my phone and have food shoved into my mouth, but whatever, their loss. i'm a fun person!!!
queentheresa queentheresa
16-17, F
1 Response Aug 19, 2014

wait. you say you feel lonely, but you know the reason why, and you dont care...??? so why the hell are you posting this???

i can post what i want

if youre insane... i guess you can

is it a crime to know why you feel lonely and not care???? no so stfu

hey. you know what? im truly sorry for saying that. you are completely right. you may say whatever is on your mind. i was out of line. please accept my sincere appology.

i accept your apology

thank you. i dont know what comes over me sometimes that i say some of the meanest things. i need people like you to put me in check... lol

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