Lonely And Frustrated

The ony time i really socialise is when i work, then i come home to my own place and deal with loneliness for over 8 hours 24-7 most of the time. I try to go running twice a week with the club but i dont enjoy it at the moment because i have Gastritis, and i'm worried that my depression will get worse and worse, i dont have any close freinds, and i feel like my family feels sorry for me and i seem to stop seeing them to much because i feel like the black sheep, a total reject. I'm nearly 24 and i'm single, been single for a while, dealt with social anxiety in the past due to a permanent problem i had before the age of 22 i had an underbite and the teeth cause me to have social problems, I looked in the mirror and seen a person capable of being normal, good looking and the only thing wrong with me was a couple of bottom teeth, so i stayed strong and payed £2500 all by myself, i worked, and seen a private dentist to correct my underbite, and it was the best thing that ever happened to me, being happy inside with just the normal problems i now face which are lonliness. Now i stayed with my parents for News years Eve and i nearly took an overdose, I'm really frustrated that i aint had a normal life, but it was'nt my falt at all. I tryed to find volunteer work but been turned down all the time. I applied to join the army and passed the barb test. I feel like my life here is going no where, and i thinking i mylse well risk my life than to end up sad, lonely and depressed with regrets. I tryed dating sites and no ones intrested and in my town theres nothing around to do.
tropico23 tropico23
Jan 20, 2013