I Can't Take This Much Longer...

I'm cold, I'm lonely and I know I'm worth having somebody to hold.

I will love this person forever in loyalty and I don't necessarily mean romantically. I am 100% serious now, but perhaps I'm just being a sop.
TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
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24 Responses Jun 8, 2010

i would love to have an older women ...but I am very unsure at 21

would you like to chat? I am looking for someone to chat

yes, blind. for a star among the blind can not be marveled at, no matter how bright it shines.

We were created to share our lives and our bed with another who loves as much as we do.<br />
However when that is missing... Dogs and cats are fabulous companions, but not great conversationalists.<br />
When the one you love is present but unavailable emotionally, it is even harder.<br />
I hope you find your forever love, and that one loves you back. X@

I have a cat, he hates cuddles.

may i suggest a cat?

I am your friend.

You are not being a sop! Everyone deserves to be loved and cherished.... there is nothing like human touch. The connection we share with others is beautiful! <br />
<br />
Hugs :)

I am an angel in human form, but that -literally- is another story. :)

Its only human to feel the loneliness and the pain......be human darl

Thanks paranoiddelusional, my thoughts as well...but please, be courteous to my friends. :P

oh yeah get urself an electric blanket...have sum more electric hugs too.....im sure they compensate perfectly.....for -real- human companionship....gafl people....get a fuggin life.

kctiger, I look like a witch, because I am one. A beautifully kind one. Judge not.<br />
missymonkery- Thanks sister.

Don't take this the wrong way but if I were a guy I might be afraid of a woman that looks like a witch

I don't know ANYONE locally.

Thanks Rox xx I have Motley kitty.

A great dog, yes canine, works wonders to keep you warm and are available for hugs now and then... <br />
I am greatful for a half-empty bed where I can stretch out.... Huggs...

You are NOT being a sop!!! Everyone yearns for human touch... I know how you feel dear.... wish I could give you a bug hug right now!!!!!

Thanks friends.<br />
langirson- You should.

You are worth a lot to me and if I could physically hug you right now I would. You deserve so much more out of life than you have been given. You are a great person and I am here if you need me. If my hoping and wishing can make that special man appear then he will be there soon. ((hugs))

Perhaps a big, human-size hot water bottle?

Electric blanket doesn't go with my health issues, but thanks roj. *hug*<br />
<br />
Lala - Not all of them, love, not all. They are just blind.

You're worth it, more than worth it. The other's are worthless x

In the mean time, get yourself an electric blanket. Works wonders for me on those cold lonely nights when WG is out. May not mix well with soppiness though?<br />
<br />
*sends warmth*