Loveless Bed

how i wish i really don't have to wait
when will be the next time
i would cuddle you on my bed,
so i can kiss your worries away
and hug the troubles at bay.

fate may never be kind for the two of us
because we have to endure the pain of the past
how lonely it is to let the day separates us
remembering the night of mistrust

i want to love you again
but am still hurting inside
maybe i have yet to forget the pain
so love and trust would be our gain.

just love me now and embrace my tears
take away my troubles and fears
the day of our red wine has yet to come
love has to grow to where it has begun.

4BlackForest 4BlackForest
36-40, F
12 Responses Jun 8, 2010

ohh...such a great comment from you warmed my heart!

I wish i was better at music so i could write the notes to make your heartfelt words into a song. I bet it would top the charts.

and what's the feeling of being in love anyway?..such a strange feeling...huh?

thanks kellee...I wrote that poem while still clutching hope in my hands..and after two months with all the things that are happening continuously, I give up...maybe I would buy another bed and discard this one where I composed this poem..I want to burn it!...hey, suddenly falling out of love makes me an arsonist...hahahaha

thanks..does an ugly heart really exist?,,,hahaha..just kidding..I Know all hearts are beautiful because it is where God resides in us.

Beautiful...from the soul. A window into a very beautiful heart......

thanks...don't worry dorobo..phrases are swirling in my mind but have to get a meal first..can't concentrate with an empty

thanks for liking my poem.Tzodiana,..sometimes we have to convey our life into phrases so it could have some meaning. @PeterToronto,yes it's a gift I would love to share.

That was truly beautiful. Thank You.

You have a great gift with words. Thanks for sharing

thanks..i was inspired composing this poem because it's hard to live in the present time if the past is haunting you.

So beautiful.