Last Night

I have a big glorious bed. King size, Big head and foot boards and plenty of pillows. It's one of the few things I have ever purchased that is just for my benefit.

It's funny, to me, that I have such a bed. I have spread completely out and would have little room to share but that happens rarely. I usually sleep touching the edge of the mattress with my knee or elbow, facing away from the unshared side. Somehow, I feel less lonely and sleep better when I can't see how much of the mattress is going to waste. 

Last night was a different story. The only comfortable way for me to lay was to face the other side. It was one of those nights that the body was ready to sleep but the mind was not tired in the least. I felt like I was caught in that magical place between awake and sleep where dreams can combine with reality and it's impossible to tell one from the other.

Last night's reality was that I was in bed alone but the shadows cast from the light in the hallway and the pillows strewn on the side opposite me, made me imagine you were in bed with me. I swear I could see the outline of your body under the covers. You were facing away from me. I could see your long hair tied back in a ponytail. I could see the outline of your bare shoulder. I wanted to reach out and touch you but I was afraid that the dream would end and I would never fall asleep so, I just enjoyed the little bit I could. I hoped that you would roll over and reach out for me. I yearned to get closer and feel your body heat. 

I hoped that sleep would completely engulf me and I could give into my dream fully but sleep seemed to elude me for a very long time. I'm thankful that you were there to keep me company and make a lonely night in a big bed easier to bear. 
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This is beautiful...Ive gotten so used to being alone sometimes I wonder if I could get used to sleeping with someone. It is lonely but I at least relax when I'm alone.

My bed is big enough that I wouldn't notice if you were in it... unless you wanted me to know it.

I think you would notice! LOL

I hope you make sure I know you're there.

You know I would. ; )

I'm sure you wouldn't have to try at all.

You two get a room! .....Wait, I guess you have one. NVM. Back to it.

I'm too big and noisy not to notice me. LOL

Plus she sweats! ;-)

LOL...Stop it! I don't do that with you and miss thang! :p

No that's right... you just got in on it before Miss thang showed up! LMAO Besides... sweaty grapefruits aren;t all that bad!

Hey Ammy! Get the hell out of my way! LOL You ALWAYS do this!!!

Like you said... I'M EVERYWHERE!!!! lmao

And that restless-leg syndrome of hers has got to be a killer! Those runners legs of hers could kick you across the room.


Tag-teaming with iRant!!!! LOL GUYPOWER!!!!!

I think I've learned more about you in the last 15 minutes than I have the last month.

Oh souly!? She da bomb!!! Hey, how did we all get in NobodySpecial's bed? ;-)

Damn! It don't look so big anymore...

I don't think my bed is meant to host parties.

Okay, it's comfy, but don't be offended, I will leave you three be.... ;-)

Well now it's just awkward! I'm out too.

This is so not right. Just wait you two!

There better not be crumbs in my sheets...

Sigh...where were we?

I don't know. I was feeling kind of romantic, then I had to hear about restless legs and sweat.

I don't have restless leg syndrome. LOL And I only sweat when I exert myself...I'm really not a problem. Please sir, take me into your gigantic bed and have your way with me.

I wouldn't care if you sweat because you were getting too much exercise from your restless legs.

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Wow! Were you referring to your wife in this story? Maybe if you shared this with her, she will then know just how much you miss her? Otherwise, try a teddy bear * :)