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Come Over......

I'll leave the door unlocked.  When you arrive, just let yourself in.  GO up the stairs and my bedroom is the one on the left.  Just slide right in.  There's plenty of room for you in my king-sized bed.  I don't want you sleeping at the edge of the bed.  I want you to be as close to me as possible and to hold me tight....please? 



Mahal1023 Mahal1023 46-50, F 10 Responses Sep 15, 2011

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XOXOX could have picked a better like sleeping with a gorilla

Sparklingdiamonds...I love this picture.... thats why I used it. Its my friend The Naked Poet... looking vulnerable and lonely. FYI.... you can see other pics of him on EP showing that he's "groomed" in other areas. wink!!! For the record... I dont mind hairy guys.... its what makes them masculine to me. :)

You want a random person to go inside your house and "sleep with you?"

I want the person in the photograph to come inside my house and lay next to me.

fair enough lol

Wish is was that simple right now. It would surely be the start of a perfect day to sneak in beside you/someone and feel a few hours of passion and be able to let it all go.<br />
I have spent the last 4 months being treated for a rare form of cancer, the doctor's visit and running here and there for tests and being infused every week can surely take the zest and vigot out of a person. Due to the wife's menopause my marriage basically lacks all intimacy and anything that resembles sex.<br />
What I would give to be able to lie down next to a woman who would be responsive and enthusiastic with kissing and touching an giving herself complelely to feel the delicious passion of a woman. where's the house and are you an early riser. I would surely have something for you

I didn't see this reply until now. No I'm not an early riser but would love to be woken up for surprises. :)

so what would you do if you was to wake up & have someone down between your leggz eating you out then??:P

Assuming that it's not a complete stranger and its someone I wanted over.........I would be moaning and groaning.....and then I would show them how happy I was to see them. wink!!!!

Short little story..... but WAYYY sexy!! I LIKE it!! :)

Glad you liked it Sierra. I love this pic and had to figure out how I was going to use it. This is how the story came about.

I love this picture. Its one of my favorites. Had a hard time finding it. Took me longer to find pic than writing the story. I've seen a lot of your pictures and so far I haven't walked away feeling that there was disconnection or isolation. Maybe later when I have more time I will take another look and see if I agree with his statement.

Someone once told me that most of my pictures show a sense of isolation and disconnection. This one is more overt than most with that particular theme, because it's more deliberate - but the person who offered that critique says the theme is present in almost all of my pictures, to some degree. He thought it was like my autism showing through.<br />
<br />
I like this picture. I'd forgotten how good it was. Sometimes I remember them in my head, then get a sort of reduced idea of how good they are - I kind of remember the theme, but not the subtleties or artistic touches. Then, occasionally, I'll see the pictures again and really be surprised that they're much better than my memory suggests. Like in this one.<br />
<br />
Thanks for posting it.

the last time i did that i got hauled off to jail. oops, wrong house!

LOL!!! BS...your misadventures always make me laugh. :)

I wish I could. I'd even make breakfast and bring it up there if you want.

Thank you. You're such a sweetheart. :)