im trired of comming home and i have no one to embrace and tell them i want to be able to come home and pick her up and hold her and ask her how her day was and kiss her and sit by the fire place and just enjoy eachothers company i live in beautiful orange county ca and youd think ca oh there are plenty of girls there for u  id think so to i am 6'7 muscular athletic short brown hair and hazel eyes but all the girls i find r not looking for a relation ship i am tired of wakeing up in the middle of the night and finding no one there with me  fml
cyberfantom5 cyberfantom5
18-21, M
1 Response Apr 11, 2012

Funny, your what I'm looking for but I'm in OK and ur in CA too bad..

awww bummer

Yep, how old are you?


what about u

I'm 17

to bad im not in OK

Yep, doesn't hurt to talk tho. Do u have a Facebook? If so private message me ur name on here so I can find you

i dont have a face book sadly i got sick of fake friends and drama i have a email and a phone number if ud like any of those we could chat that way

Yeah if you have a cell phone then I don't mind texting you...I'm not a big fan of talking on the phone all that much but texting is good

aha i am a girl that lives in southern california XD

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