I take Web site workshops and usually get a lot of good material and ideas through this medium. I just began a new couse called, "Conversations with God" by Donald Neal Walsch. It shows how he picked himself off the gutter literally and transformed his life by giving to others what he he himself needed and I'm looking forward to this course. How can one give away what one doesn't even know what it feels like to have this particular thing.? It sounded right up my alley since he made the jump to a lot of rejection in his life to having people love him and turn to him for advise. His life totally transpormed.; I wanted to see the bridge he made from being in the pits to communing with God and how he went about doing this.

With every new knowledge, I hope to be able to learn something new to apply to my own life. Don't know which categore this would fit into but I found one that could be applicable. Velvetlfow
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Sep 12, 2012