Well im struggling i seem to be trying to hard to make friends. I long for someone to say hey fancy coming for a coffee or hey fancy coming for dinner and a chat.. am i lonely.. surely there is someone in the world similar to me who i can connect with and chat away about anything, i need a best friend.

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I feel like you're reading my mind, too! I wonder if we can divvy this group up into cities, or neighborhoods, to meet and, say, go for coffee? ... Oh, that just sounds crazy. ;-)

I think loneliness is the disease of the 21st century. With all this technology, it's so easy to isolate yourself, and be isolated. I'm a huge lover of everything tech, and I'm in this same boat myself. I recently lost an online friend of over 12 years, and I rant about it constantly.<br />
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Hmmm...maybe a good story to share here!<br />
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Hang in there, you're not alone. I'm married, have a 3-year-old daughter, and even I feel this way many times.

I feel like you're reading my mind.

I can definitely relate to you. But I think it's better to try too hard than to not try at all and live your life lonely for its entirety. I'm sure that one day you'll meet someone who you'll click with immediately.