Please Pull Through Dear Mother.

I have never felt so numb so lost so useless.My treasured Mother is currently seriously ill in Hospital.She has had two long standing illnesses that have taken their toll on her,hence her admittance to hospital.
Some 15 years ago Mom had open heart surgery as she had two valves that were not working correctly and were leaking.She had them replaced with two Pigs valves and they were a great success until the last 5 years or so where they have been getting weaker.The specialists had advised her that that was to be expected and when the time was due she could have another operation repeating the process.She has been seen every six months for a checkup however the doctors have been giving the same answer,"it's not time yet for another operation",at the age of 74 how old do they expect her to reach before she is seen to?
On top of this illness Mom has been diagnosed type 2 diabetic and has been injecting insulin for about 5 years.She is constantly tired and breathless hence her enjoyment of retirement has been limited for her.I love my Mother with all my being and it has been a constant cause for concern regarding her health.You would find it difficult to meet up with a more loving and caring person who always puts others before herself and always puts on a brave face even when she is feeling awful.The diabetes has caused damage to her kidneys and there is no cure,she will steadily get worse and worse.
Two days ago Mom was admitted to Hospital with a suspected Heart Attack.She is currently in intensive care,She is no longer in discomfort due to the medication that she is receiving  and is looking much better today however she is not out of the woods yet.
I would appreciate anybody no matter what creed to hold a thought for her wellbeing.Needless to say my Father and myself,the only two relatives in England are broken by this,my Sister is shortly coming from Ireland ,that is where the rest of the family are.
I LOVE you my precious Mother,please pull through.I am emotionally drained,it is nigh time now I hope you are sleeping and stronger tomorrow.xxxxxxx
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My prays are with you,remember where there's life there is hope.