Lost Lost Lost

i have problems with being too happy in my relationships.. i usually run away and hide infact this guy im currently dating i broke up with him 3 seperate times and each time he took me back... and im glad i'm with him. Together we're happier than i ever thought i could be ever. and now he's thinking about breaking up with me because it's lost it's flair when i think it can only get better from here. I've recently been changing myself dramatically (controllign my anger, not swearing so much) in order to please him and.... it's weird, as soon as i change all the things that seem to **** him off and have been the cause to a lot of our arguements and rough patches it seems he looses interest in our relationship... what gives i feel so lost in life right now my head feels like it's swimming idk what to do..... we hada huge discussion about what we're "loosing" and he just keeps saying he doesn't know... which i think is bull........ idk what to do im lost right now and if we break up "sooner rather than later" i'm going to be even more lost....
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Relationships dont make a person continuously happy. Matter of fact, they can be downright painful at times. I agree with Shahkiah above; you need to find yourself. Even then, though, be aware that others may not like who you truly are. Remember that others have to find themselves, too, and during that process they may decide that you are not as desireable as they first thought.

It seems as if you have not found yourself yet. Which takes a long time to do for some of us. Infatuation is an amazing thing. You seem very young, and when you are young you can be quite naive, and venerable to your own thoughts. <br />
When it comes to yourself, finding the answers.. The best person to ask is well.. yourself.<br />
If you concentrate, deep. You can find the answer to almost any question you have. You just have to look. Writing it down helps. :) good luck.