I Have The Weirdest Empty Feeling

Ive been spending some time rediscovering myself and it seems everything I believed I was isnt the person I am now. Its really mad when you look inside yourself and find out you're not really who you thought you were. I tried to better myself but just feel empty. Its a very weird feeling.
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2 Responses Jul 13, 2011

Over the past 2 months I've been to the library a few times, signing out cds and books about stress, finding yourself, meditation, inner calm and peace, who are you, Inspiration, your ultimate calling..and so on. They've helped some what. I am enjoying them. I want to try and apply some of what I've read into my life, like retraining the thoughts for positive thinking.<br />
It's a very hollow, empty, vast universe of needing something when you feel empty. I can feel it in my chest and almost see it in my mind

When its that animated you need something very substantial to fill the void. Soemthing only you can find. Hope you find it x

Yes it is. :(

Hope you find something to make it a nice weird feeling :)