Sometimes it just get too much ... i'm extremly shy and introverted . I feel like my life is a complete mess . I know that there are a lot of people like me outside .But, sometimes ,idk , i really don't know ! I feel completly lost ! i wanted to be an architect , i didn't got in (i applied twice ) . Now , i'm in "les classes préparatoires" basically 2 INTENSE years of HARD work that will "maybe"enable me to get in engineering school . i don't what made me think that i'll be able to survive all this massive pressure . there are times i tell myself that only one year is left , the problem is i didn't prepare anything for the national exam which will define my ranking which will determine whether i will or will not get in a engineering school ... i probably should be studying and makee up for the time i wasted . i actually can't do that . it's not just this but i just tend to not deal with my problems ... what is the point anyway in trying so hard to succeed in something you don't even want ... i mean i'm not even sure that ar hit pause , get my **** together and then press play ... (there are probably a lot of mistakes but hey !english is my third language !! )
btihal btihal
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 24, 2014

There's no pause button unfortunately... Life doesn't wait for anyone, it's a highway and everyone is on route to there destination, if you slow down they will take over, if you hit the barriers they will drive past watching. So complete the journey your on with of your best efforts, then once it's over... revise the journey and then choose the next best route and hopefully you will reach a preferred destination!