something has the wrong name

(fingers are growing)

it's cold here

swaying and awaying my hair will be draggled


"keep!up"i demanded

bleeding bloodly: right? i can't figurethisout properly

ssssshhhare it. Keep it. **** it. Cellar door.

(nonsensical nonsense) is th-;

i'm so cold here,

lost teeth not socks

nothingwords continually run me through-

-i mean, run through me-

this. is. *******. stupid.

halways echo allways

;actually that one was an accident

freezing, ohh, ...huh?

.would never be flying,

radiating radials 

Hold on, the gunshot is coming.


i'm so cold to the point of kalt even

and one more.

tenebrific. tenebrific.

softandonly softandonly
18-21, F
Feb 18, 2010