My Boyfriend Cheated With The Next Door Neighbor

A few months ago I found an email between my live in boyfriend and my next door neighbor which discussed them having sex and her breaking up with her husband. After reading the message I did kick him out, confronted her, and told her husband.  At the time I was five months pregnant so I did let him come back.

I am hurt about the cheating but the honest truth this is not the first time. The last time I ended up distraught, having a car accident, going into labor early and losing my baby.

This time I can't get over it  because it is thrown in my face everyday. I get upset when I see her or her car. I get upset when I pull up in my yard.I get upset when I come home,both of them are home because he don't work and I have no clue what has happened that day. I worked so hard to buy my house and it one of my biggest accomplishments. I use to pull up in my yard and a joy use to come over me because it was my house, but now it and so much more has been taken from me. .

It also hurt that it seems that I am the only one who is bothered in this situation. They act like nothing has happened. My boyfriend and her husband still speak to one another and i'm sure he still talk to her because I read a message to another girl where he gave her a number which turned out to be a second phone he had went and bought.

 I know longer feel like the woman I had worked so hard to be because I continue to be with him. This is what truly make me feel lower than low.

Sgrcndy Sgrcndy
26-30, F
1 Response Feb 28, 2010

i am going through the exact same thing and i just found out 4 days ago and now they live together right next to me, i dont know what to do.