They Are All So Different!

Here are my beloved friends, ranked by endurance of friendship:

Tracy: We played through the fence at our respective grandparents' homes when we were toddlers. She has always been my friend despite not being very close physically anymore. We were inseparable for nearly 25 years before her life took a turn for the better with a great career with a well-respected corporation. She rose up the ranks quickly and now runs an entire international division. I talk to her maybe once a year on the phone but we message each other a little more frequently. Now mostly topical stuff about our kids but occasionally she'll drunk-dial and talk about the good ol' days. Despite not being THISCLOSE anymore I know if I ever needed anything she'd be there and I feel the same about her. I know I CAN call her if I just need to hear her voice, but we're so close with each other we don't need as much contact. I'm not much for idle chit-chat so our relationship is perfect.

Becky: My silly quirky but deep-thinking bestie-4-ever. We've known each other since fourth grade. We were schoolmates and girl scout sisters for years and still talk every week at least. SHE is one for idle chitchat, but she's interesting enough that I enjoy our talks. She is a bright girl, but she falls for pseudoscience far too often. Won't use a cellphone because she's convinced it will give her a brain tumor. She's vegetarian, against all preservatives and "fake sugar", had an eating disorder in her past in addition to a shoplifting habit. She looks like a china doll, deceptively angelic looking, and so clever!
These days she runs a pathology administrative office. She married a guy 25 years her senior who is ten times as quirky and they're raising an super-duper quirky kid together. They are animal advocates and hipsters, but such good people. I adore them both.

My Daughter: Met her in 1989 when she was born. ;) She is half mini-me, half superhero. She's stunning, way smarter than me and amazingly responsible. We talk all day long via texting or hanging out. Usually every night for at least an hour we play games, watch tv, or just talk while listening to music. OH and we play Song-pop together!
She works at a dog daycare wrangling up to 40 small dogs every day. She plays, cleans their poop, tries to train them a bit, and makes sure they all get some exercise. And it's a dream job! Well at least while she's in college. She's studying linguistics and taught herself Russian and Japanese. Now she's working on Spanish. I homeschooled her and knew from an early age she has a great talent with languages so I've always encouraged it. She's not always studying of course, being a social butterfly and a friend to all know know her. She's the person who brought my other friends, my younger friends, into my life.

Those friends are Kat and Em and Michael and Paul and Lauren and Kris. I've known all but Kat (my niece) just for a few years, but I feel like the wise old owl sitting around with them. They are great kids and I love them to death. I think they feel the same way towards me, but only in a slightly more immature way. I wouldn't really depend on them to save my life, but they'd give me a ride or a loan if I needed it. I'd never ask of course but I know we got each other's backs for the most part. Kris is supposed to be moving in with us next month and I'm really happy about it.

Valerie: I met her online 16 years ago in a Christian chat room and we've talked regularly ever since. We are very close despite living a great distance away. She's a busy woman with a full-time job and three of her own kids plus grandkids who live with her, plus two foster children. I don't know how she does it! We've been through a lot together. She caught her husband cheating several years ago but I think it's the best thing that ever happened to them because now they're like newlyweds and both have become health freaks. She went from being my size (large!) to a marathon runner. They both got active in their church and now she preaches too me, but it's done with love. I was a Christian when we met and I try to keep religion out of our discussions, but other than that we have great long talks. She invited my entire family to move in with her a few years back when I first started having financial problems. I'd have done it if it wasn't so far away. We have never met in person but we're just that close.

Ray: Ah man, we've gone rounds for years... at least 10, maybe a little more. He's been through hell with me! When we met online I was pretending to be someone else. Yep I was a troll. Well I mean I had an "internet persona". Anyway, for the first six years he had no clue who I was, and yet we developed this amazing love-hate relationship. In the beginning we were enemies. We argued all the time and thought the other person was a big jerk, but there was something about him I really respected. He was much younger than me but had a wisdom and intellect I'll never reach myself. When he found out I was a different person from who he thought, we didn't talk for months but we really missed each other. Our relationship changed but survived. I would do anything for him though I don't think he feels quite so strongly about me. I know he cares a lot. We still argue about religion and politics and he loves pulling my pigtails, but I trust him more than most people I know in real life. I don't think he realizes how much I admire him. . . but I'll never say or he'll get a big head.

That's about it for my close friends. I love them all and I'm lucky and blessed to have them in my life.
DisorderlyCyn DisorderlyCyn
41-45, F
Jan 8, 2013