About three years ago.

I am to this day a competitive snowboarder. One night around 10 I was going down the hardest slope on the mountain training for an upcoming race.

Sadly I hit a slick of ice, fell down, blacked out, then proceeded so slide off the trail into a small ravine. I hit trees and rocks with all parts of my body and my board was cracked in half.

At the bace when I woke up I had no clue where I was or what I was doing. I started to climb up but the slope was to steep and I was still in a daze. Luckily someone saw and came down to help me up and be aught me to safety.

I learned that because I was not waring a helmet, I do now, I fractured my skull in 4 paces, got a concussion, chipped jaw, and many other minor rules. The doc said that if I was skiing instead of snowboarding or if the person did not see me go down that my wounds would have been a lot worse including death.
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oh wow thank god you're okay! you're incredibly lucky that someone saw you and I hope you have a quick recovery­čśŐ

I did. But the scars are still there; physical and emotional. Even though I now race on a national lever I still have a fear if that slop. Thanks