Life. Is. So. Ordniray. Sometimes.

Alarm. Turning head. ANNOYED. Bang. Off. Opening eyes. Sleepy. Closing eyes. Taking breath. Resigning. SAD. Awakaing. Standing. Checking phone. Nothing. DISSAPOINTED. Sending text. I love you. Dress up. Taking towel. Taking brush. Shower. Brushing teeth. Shampoo. Shower gel. REFRESHED. Dress up. Breakfast. Browsing. Textbook. Reading. Getting BORED.Music. Shaking head. Motivating. Still BORED. Leaving texbook. Changing clothes. Gym. Working out. Soon. Tired. Trying. EXHAUSTED. Getting a shower. Changing clothes. Home. Browsing. Backpack. University. Seeing friends. Saying hi. Smiling. Boring convos. Class. Kill me. Getting BORED. Important stuff. Opening eyes. Widely. Looking funny. Pre-sleeping mode. Finishing class. ALIVE again. Smiling. HAPPY. Home. Late lunch. Reading. Texting. Feeling butterflies.IN LOVE. Calling. Hearing her. Heaven. TV. Bored. Browsing. Chatting. Dinner. Movie. Sleepy. Browsing. SLEEPY. Setting alarm. Sleep. Alarm. Turning head. ANNOYED. Bang. Off.
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5 Responses Jan 16, 2013

Do something different ,Send her flowers.Cannot afford them....? Wander thru the graveyard loads of fresh ones ,Do not get caught. Lol.

yup...... and one day soon it will be reduced to

sleep > work > eat > sleep > work ...............

and you do that for 40 years or more until you retire

then it changes to

eat > sleep > eat....................

but the more you invest into yourself right now will help you to find ways to enjoy and value your future...... and ordinary can be pretty darned good!

hope you have a better day


Wait! it's ORDINARY :-p

You are lucky

:D haha