Need To Build Self Confidence.

I feel miserable and feel like I'm a kind of germ that my unhappiness is contagious so people should stay away from me.

I'm so confused and need to clear things up one by one.

Family problem (I have a sick family member which I want to help but I'm doing nothing so far so I feel bad.)

Ex problem (I still can't forgive my ex who was cheating on me. We were talking about getting married. I'm glad I didn't but I need to forgive and release this feeling.)

Work problem (I hate my job especially people around me beause they judge me all the time. They like me so they worry about me and that put a lot of pressure on me because I'm not a nice person like they think.)

I'm a one very confused woman. Yes, I know.

sadrie sadrie
36-40, F
Mar 4, 2010