Grown Away

Most people that I meet feel dissatisfied with their life at a level that I can no longer identify with. There is almost a kind of blindness or a sleepwalking that clouds the eyes of most people I interact with. They see the world through dark, cloudy lenses of desire and goals, unable to perceive the great rewards and endless treasures that exist right here. Their primary motivations in life are "because it looks nice" or "because it feels nice", and I have trouble explaining myself to them when I carry out an action that has only the Divine in mind.

I wouldn't so much say I feel more grown UP than other people. I feel almost as if I've grown AWAY from other people. Ironic then, that I should feel this way, since I consider my path to be characterized by union, not division...
saintbryan saintbryan
22-25, M
1 Response Dec 16, 2007

Mee too...I think it is maturity