As a kid I got along with people much older than me and could never relate to anyone my age. I never did it to impress people or because I thought it was cool it just naturally happened it was'nt until the how old are you question popped up that i got shocked reactions from whoever i was around they just assumed I looked younger than whatever age they assumed. I was too calm and mature about situations or knew too much they'd say. Sometimes they thought it was an act but eventually realized this was the way I actually was there was not any pretend. Most answers for the reason why I am the way I am was because I grew up to fast but I never actually tried to act older or wanted to be like all the kids my age did I knew for some odd reason being older did'nt make life any easier and that being young was way simpler than being old. I wonder if my mind was the same age as my body would everything be different would I be more easily amused rather than seeing everything so realistically and would things be more stimulating that for a kid my age should be. Things just came to me too easily at first I thought it be ok being able to see things for what they really were but now it's horrible just to know what to expect and what not to. As time went on it only got worse I'm not even in my twenties yet and I feel so old I do things that I'm suppose to at my age but it gives me no joy. I don't enjoy the same things as them what's wrong with me I talk about things that I should'nt even be expected to know. Most of the time I pretend to act my age so I don't alarm anyone including my family but I'd only be lying to myself which bothers me from time to time but if I don't it would'nt be normal I guess. Whenever I did act like myself it was either odd,good,bad,etc depending on the person. It's not really a physical thing more of a mindset I don't know. Just wonder would it be better if i never knew.
atrandomtimes atrandomtimes
18-21, F
Nov 3, 2011