I don't think that an age has a particular feeling but I can relate to feeling stretched out and tired from life experiences.
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This just means that you need something new in your life. You need to find that excitement again. I felt like that a few years back and so i went and volunteered at a zoo, working with the big cats was incredible and it really gave me a new lease on life.

I absolutely agree Iamjustsotiredofitall. Just to clarify, i don't feel this way anymore, I just wrote my piece because I could relate to the topic. I used to feel this way. I appreciate your reply though, I didn't even know it was possible to volunteer at a zoo, that is amazing! May I ask what made you choose to volunteer?

I've always loved animals but the zoos where i live don't really hire people. So i had a look into their volunteering programmes. I just wanted something different that i'd never done before. Worked there for about 2 years but had to give it up when i went to uni.

That is so cool! Must've been a great experience. Good on you for volunteering, I am currently looking into volunteering at the local hospital or elderly home :) thanks for sharing!

me too