Some Good Friends

Seriously. I'm 19 and find it somewhat easier to talk to people that are older than myself. I look down on some people my age, wondering where their sense is when all they do is go out and get drunk all the time, and sleep around. I dislike the fact that I (usually) can't talk with my own peers about what they dream about.

When I was about 17, I had to go to an employment training thing for a few weeks. Most of the people that went were older than me-- much older. There were a few young ones but I didn't like many of them.

I really clicked with a 34 year-old woman by the name of Kelly. We just seemed to understand each other. I was a lot like her when she was younger, apparently.

We would always have really long talks about everything. I, to this day, still haven't had many friends where I feel like I can say pretty much anything. I could with Kelly. She was like a mother, an older sister and a friend, all wrapped in one. She even gave me her old computer as I didn't have one at the time (and she didn't use them a whole lot).

Every day of the training was that much funner because I had seeing Kelly to look forward to. As soon as we became friends, she would give me a lift home everyday (I didn't have a license and though I didn't live very far away, Kelly insisted).

I got along with other people at the training too, most of which were women in their thirties, forties and beyond. There was also an elderly woman by the name of Flo who I found very entertaining. She had heaps of stories to tell from her many years of life and it just made me feel annoyed by the whole 'old lady' stereotype that seems to exist. Because here was this woman that was clearly getting on in years, but you wouldn't think it with the things she spoke about. And she was still wanting to work. Another thing I liked about her is the fact that she would listen when I spoke with great interest. In fact, most of the women at the training did.

I was sad when it was over. I lost contact with Kelly, though I called her a couple of times afterwards. I just feel that, while it's good having friendships with people older than oneself, it can be hard. For example, she had 2 kids, and must've been very busy. I'm not sure where I'd fit into her life...

Having said all that, I don't only find the company of older people enjoyable, I also do feel 'old' myself a great deal of the time. I think of myself as a bit of a homebody, which I think I have gotten from my mother, who is a very 'homey' type of person. I stay in a lot, and would prefer to sit and chat than go out and party all the time. Sometimes it can really suck, because it's hard to meet other people my age with a similar outlook on life. But most of the time I'm glad that I'm maybe not as.. er, mindless as the rest of them.

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This sounds so much like me.. I'm 17 but i feel older than my roommates, who are all at least two years older than me. They go out almost every night to bars and although i'm not even old enough to get into bars, i wouldn't want to most of the time anyways..<br />
I think that i get it from my mom as well actually, i adore my mother, and i used to tease her for never going out, and for thinking a great friday night consisted of tim hortons coffee in the living room with her two best friends, but i'm so much like her now, so calm and so not into partying and getting wasted, it's just not my thing.. and now when my mom has her friends over ill often sit with them and chat just because they have so much more interesting stuff to talk about.<br />
i definitely feel the same way as you, i just don't see the point in getting wasted and flunking out when i could be making really interesting, intelligent friends over coffee or a movie instead