My Doggy Is My Everything...always There For Me....

I have gone through some major life changes including divorce, moving, health issues, grief issues, and all that goes with this makes one feel like they are being swallowed up.  Wonderful family and friends are there for me and I love them dearly, but when I am home, alone, who is there for me truly?  It's my beautiful dog!  He was a rescue and was unfortunately abused and very ill, and has recovered remarkably but still has some health issues of his own.  I pray to God that he stays well and with me for many years to come.  He is silly, funny, very naughty, dorky, loving and cuddly.  When I am unwell due to a chronic health condition, he lies close to me, with his head on my tummy, just like a living heating pad!  He's inquisitive and goofy and comes to me with a leather glove, finger eaten, arriving proudly with his find.  This causes me worry that he's found something and eaten it, and I try very hard to dog-proof  things, but at the same even though I was caused concern about the ingested finger of the glove, he made me chuckle by his proud face and how he presented his find to me.  So far, 'knock on wood', no ill effects from this event.  He is a little bit like my shadow at times, following me about, wondering what I am doing and lies at my feet if I am busy doing something.   I catch him watching me, which is really intriguing, since he is a regular goofball like myself, he surprises me when I catch him watching me - almost assessing the situations.  He makes me laugh every day with his antics, silly faces, and is truly there for me.  He does not judge how I look, make a fuss that I cannot cook, and I feel there is an unconditional bond between us.  I guess I feel that my dog is really and truly the only living and breathing thing who will never hurt my feelings and make me happy and comforted through all my recent life changes.  He really is my only true friend.  I hope I enrich his life, as he has mine.  I am so grateful for family and friends, but they are not there when I go to sleep or wake up in the morning.   With God and my dog, I am hopeful I will find my way.

BlondeBond BlondeBond
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3 Responses Feb 10, 2010

dogd make mutch better friends for life than humans there loyal and they understand things other humans dont, if it wasnt for my best friend my dog than i would have commited suicide by now but she gives me a reason to live on and makes me happy every day, i never get bored of going on massive long walks with her she means everything to me, if i was offered a billion pounds for her i wouldnt even think about it.

also sometimes when i struggle with money, my dog eats and i dont. haha

I could read this sory for days...

My dog is like a child to me and I love him dearly. I enjoyed your story because it made me think of my little one.