Or As One Friend Put It Today....

"Don't let your life disappear down the plughole"

That was quite a shock to see it written like that....she is right, I am letting it, and I'm desperate to do something about it but feel overwhelmed.


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21 Responses Feb 9, 2009

Well okay....I'm still glad you got it done!

Somehow I knew you were going to say that!!! LOL Not everything but it fits in the drawers better if I do. I'm not very thorough.....

Wow....you iron stuff?????

LOL it was the ironing that had been mounting up for weeks.I've done quite a lot of it!...I've also ticked off a couple of computery tasks which were hanging over me thanks to a visit from a friend.<br />
I can do these little baby steps...but I still have this awful *thing* hanging over me.<br />
Thanks for the gum gnd!!...together with lilt's dishcloth and ladee's plug it will help! : )

So, Bird, what did you write down for today???

LB, you have been through so much recently, it is but expected for you to be enduring such a distress. It will take time but you will get there. Look at every day as an opportunity to start fresh. Good luck. In the mean while you have us and although I',m not a plumber, I can send a big blob of gum down your way : )

Thanks egt2bu!

Hi Lilt,<br />
<br />
I totally realate to what you said. I have the same problem. I put 2 feet forward, and always immediately feel I am knocked 4 steps backward. I feel life is slipping away at a pace so rapid, it is almost terrifying. Sometimes, the plug just doesn't fit.<br />
<br />
I do cheer you on, and wish you the best.

Ah I see ......YES! that could work especially if I'm allowed to put nice things on the tasks list too. I don't tend to write those down...<br />
I need a therapist to help me work out how to earn lots of £££s to pay a therapist....!!!

It's not so much about importance, Bird. It's about the accomplishment. So start with something small and easy. The idea is to start making it a habit to be more pro-active in your life. It sounds corny, but it works pretty well. Plus, I paid lots of $$$ to my therapist to find this out. Just passing on the info.....for free.

Its deciding which of the many tasks is most important! *ring relate* is the one I keep putting off.......:-S

You will think of something for tomorrow...I know it :)

Yes .....I have a little blackboard in the kitchen that I write on... It says *one more task to do then its gin and tonic time!*, my youngest bought it for me lol. I am trying that one so maybe I AM moving forward in my small way. Its still baby steps, but the trouble is the hole is getting wider and wider.....: O Actually I dont have just ONE thing come to think of it.....

Start small, Bird.<br><br />
Before you go to bed each night, write down one thing you can do the following day to move forward. Just one. It's about feeling accomplished. The list can get longer later. And it can't be something like "clean out the garage." <br><br />
"clean off that one shelf in the garage" Ok<br><br />
<br><br />
Or....buy my favorite ice cream.....go to the library....finish one project...do something fun with the girls....research separation support groups....plant something new.....fill two bags for donation....throw some rocks at a tree...call a friend....clean only mirrors.....paint my toenails....<br><br />
But write down ONE thing...and do it.

Yep the time is overdue......... I keep rolling up my sleeves, looking at the job, taking stock, then stopping for tea break!<br />
Don't know where to begin!

Bird, it sounds like you already have a big empty space in your life. <br />
Maybe it's time to start the repairs. xxxooo

Yes lilt the shower leaks and has brought down the kitchen ceiling ........ :-S

You are there for me.....both of you, but sooner or later I'm going to have to make a decision, either way will leave a gaping hole in my life. Its going to have to be a big plug!!!

Stuff a dish towel in there for now, if ladee's doesn't fit.<br />
<br />
Yes, any other plumbing problems we can help you with?

YES! That's it! Clever lilt! Ummm do you think they come in standard size? Its awfully dark and rainy out there right now ...maybe the one from the sink will fit?

Go to the store and get a plug.<br />