Slipping Away...

It has got to stop!I am just waiting and waiting to be okToLive again?When will that be? I have got to take some baby steps, my life is slipping away......


dizziblond dizziblond
41-45, F
3 Responses Mar 21, 2009

I've done too many dances. Back and Forth to jail, In and OUt of Rehab..Some of the steps I've taken kept me going in circles for at least ten years. But today, I walk straight ahead through the darkness towards the light..For sure, without any douby, there's always light waiting and the end of that tunnel. For there cannot be darkenss without light. You just have to hold on, one day at a time, and try not to slip..those slopes can become slippery and you may fall back a bit, but if you have some good friends and family that love you, they can pick you back up and lead you in the right direction. Never leave yourself alone. for me, The more I find myself in my head, the weaker I feel, so stay out of your head and close to others that want the best for you or who motivate and inspire you. When I slip, I isolate from the world. I end up feeling like the world doesn't really need me in it, but then I say to hell with that. I was born into the same very world everyone else has. I may have taken many different unfavorable directions on my way, but that doesn't mean i don't desrve to find true peace, love, and serenity. I don't wanna live a life disconnected from the world thats moving ahead with or without me. We all have a verse in this 'play' called life, so that makes each of us unique and deserving of our part in this world..Lets all wake up tomorrow and start doing something for us. Lets say how we feel and get involved with our own lives!!!

So many are going through this too, Hope we can all find some happiness again. :)

Things are so difficult for so many of us these days. You're not alone hun. Take one day at a time. hugs