My Dearest Rewby,

     When me and my boyfriend first stated dating, we use to do everything together, spend every waking (and sleeping) moment together, he even pretty much lived at my parents home with me, i moved all my stuff to the basement so that we would have more room for the both of us, after a while, he decided he wanted to hang out with his friends, which i was totally okay with, except for the fact that i ditched all my friends for him, whatever. That was in about July of '08, and now, i see him for about an hour or two a week, he doesn't want to talk to me when he's getting drunk for the possibility of him snapping, and saying things he "doesn't mean" (we've gone through this before), butt, all he does is get drunk, this is his 3rd time going to college, (Dropped out the first two times) So this is his last chance, and i'm very concerned because i dont want him to get kicked out, but everytime he drinks he doesn't go to school the next day, although his earliest class is 9:40 and thats only twice a week, He lives with his friend steven now, which is okay, i just wish that he wouldn't ignore me, and paid more attention to me, i wish he could portion his time, and put me in his schedual. I just feel like i'm unwanted when i do go over to home, usually because there are other girls over there for "steven"

I know that i could do something to change it, but then i wouldn't have him at all, which isn't what i want, so i just will keep bitching until i get fed up with it i guess.


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you know what they say-u can lead the horse to the water,but cant make him drink it.its been 4 months since this post.hope things worked for the better.

You wish this, you wish that.... the problem is, he sounds like he's an alcoholic.... which means that you can wish all you want, but he is not going to change until he has to. Try al-anon or al-ateen...