Interview Today

Oh man... My interview is at 2pm today and at first I was really happy to have this interview and very thankful as well, but now I'm starting to get scared. I've been in and out of jobs for the last 2 years and my anxiety doesn't help me keep them at all... Thankfully my new medication is keeping me relatively calm but it's still taking a toll on me. When I'm stressed from anxiety I get very, very sleepy. It's like my body shuts down all of a sudden (at least that's what I've been experiencing lately, much better than having a panic attack). I know it won't hurt me to go to this interview and I should keep thinking that it's a ray of hope not a ray of death or something silly like that. But I get so nervous and scared and anxiety ridden. I think I'll just have to take a quick nap to feel better... I don't know what else to do.
Todayplease Todayplease
26-30, F
Apr 6, 2012