I Like Smaller Groups Of People..

I don't like large groups of people. I don't think that Im especially nervous all of the time, just sometimes. If I was dreading going somewhere and couldnt get out of it I'd probably have a drink or two for courage.

My problem with large groups is that you never actually get to talk to a person properly, because there are so many people chipping in or changing the subject or going off on a diffferent tangent, so you never actually learn much about the person you are talking to. I dont like to spread myself so thinly.

I cant bear large groups of girls either. Mainly because I hate all the screaming and cackling and showing off. A hen night would be my worst nightmare. Needless to say I havent ever been on one!

I love to have fun and see other people enjoying themselves but I prefer to go for dinner or have guests round or go to the pub for a few drinks. That way, you get some idea of who you are spending time with.

Whenever I am required to go with my boyf to his family gatherings, I dread it. They all play family games and it highlights my loathing of that sort of social gathering. i find it quite embarassing,( and two faced in their case as they all talk behind each others backs when theyre not together!) Standing up playing cherades would make me want to hurl on my own shoes :)

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me+3 others is my max! more than that and I begin to dislike it!!
I fully understand you :)

Don't feel bad. You are an introvert. So am I. I get very nervous when I know I will be with large groups. I am reading the book "Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking." In the authors research she found that introverts are more creative and make better leaders than extroverts.

Yes the invites the a nightlub have rather dried up for me too at 41. Can't say I'm too bothered :)

totally agree with you there,if there is a big group outing at work i dont go,but if its a more intimate group then im well up for it,never been on a hen night either it would be awful,and iv only ever been to one night club in my whole life !!! but at least now im 46 and its ok to say no without being uncool lol