I Dont Believe It!

I am looking after my neighbours dog whilst she's away a couple of days. She lives just across the road so the dog stays at home.

This afternoon the dog rolled in cow poo and then ran upstairs and rolled all over a white bed cover. I am frantically soaking it in bleach and now I've found poo marks on her cream carpet which I am trying to clean.  She is coming back tomorrow ...

I don't understand. Why anyone would have such light furnishings with a dog ..  ??


Orangetas Orangetas
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4 Responses Aug 15, 2008

It's actually not wee but marking which smells so bad and you have hard time to rid of it. That's for sure. Know what you talking about Tasmin. LOL

Oh .. dont get me started.... dog poo I have no problen with and to me it hardly smells at all.<br />
<br />
But cat wee is quite a different matter.<br />
I have just had to throw out a favourite cushion because my lazy old cat couldn't be bothered to walk to her litter tray. She has been to the vet and she hasnt got an infection or anything. She is just old and gets tired I guess.

True, but it would not be such a disaster here ...<br />
All wooden floors and huge dog basket with big dark cushion... that might just need a wash!

In my travels I see many homes with light beige carpet, pets and children in an area well known for its red volcanic soil.<br />
<br />
Carpet cleaners are prolific.