Its Feels So Freeing

there's nothing i love more then being naked all the time, it sucks that i can't just walk out the door like that. i can not wait till i have a place of my own, then i would be naked all the time.
amicawinters amicawinters
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You are so right Nudism is not about sex , It is about being free of restraints.

Yes it sucks when you are comfortably nude and you need to go outside. You then have to put on cloths to go outside to stay out of trouble. I do get to walk around in my house and back yard nude when my wife does get into her rants about how wrong nudism is. Sometimes give in and put cloths on to get her to shut up. I keep reminding her that this is nothing new. She knew I prefer being naked before she married me.

I do hope that you get your own place as soon as possible! It is great to be home nude!!!!

Your story made me really appriciate where I live. I am able to be naked when ever I want to be, which is most of the time,
I do my housework nude as well. The only time I am not naked is when my husband first gets home from the sea, for we always end up with unexpected company and all hours of the day, but come night fall, we both are free to then shed the clothing that confines us. I hope that you will soon have a place of your own where you will be free to be you
Blessed Be

i too wish that I had my own place for the same exact reasons. There is nothing more free than to be naked all the time. Being that I don't have my own place, I can only be naked when everyone is asleep and cover up in a blanket during while others are awake.