I Feel Numb

I feel 'numb'.The word 'numb' is exactly the right word to explain my feelings or the feelings that I cant feel. That's the problem.I cant feel anything.I cant feel sadness,happiness,hate,fear,loneliness and the most important one 'love'.
Especially in these days,I've been a very bad person.I'm shouting and breaking peoples' hearts.I make people very sad.They dont deserve it.I'm the one who deserves to be sad.But I told you,I feel nothing.I dont know if I can ever get over it.Maybe I can maybe not.But it's obvious that in every way, this overcoming  wont last for good.
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2 Responses Jun 1, 2010

Thanks for your comment.They are very nice and true words. Honestly, I dont think i am who i want to be. I have tried to be myself for thousand times. But it didnt work out.I dont know what to do. Im completely desperate. A few days ago,my grandmother passed away.So now, I just feel much more complicated.Hope things will be beter.

i totally know how that is.<br />
i used to be so similar...<br />
i was ruining my life in the process...<br />
and one day i got completly broken.<br />
and God saved my life<br />
just remember<br />
"every day is a new chance, to be who you want to be. are you who you want to be?"