Cry Me A River

I am going to openly plagiarize one of my friends (Minxy) because she gave me a great quote yesterday and I plan to use it often from this point forward.

Cry me a river, build a bridge and get the **** over it.

I love this.

I am actually not offended that people feel offended about everything, I'm just too lazy to create a new group. But, I'm sick of it.

When you tell me that you're offended by something I said, one of the following things are true:

  1. You know what I said is at least partially true and I struck a nerve.

  2. You're so self-involved that you couldn't possibly consider someone else's perspective.

  3. You're too damn lazy to make your case.

I suppose there may be other reasons, but they are likely in the above 3 categories.

People use the term "offended" to short circuit a conversation.   When someone says, "I'm offended", they are effectively saying that the speaker is already wrong.   It is a means to escalate a misunderstanding into an argument before there's been any discussion.

Last night, I read a story posted by someone who was in a bad mood when she wrote the story.  There was someone that took offense to what she wrote, but it was clear that there was no malice in what she wrote.   She was a bit misinformed and there were a few of us that commented to provide some insight.

THIS is how to resolve our differences.

Choosing to escalate before the discussion even begins is a sure way to burn everyone out and turn the planet into a world full of whining *******.

So, next time you feel the urge to say, "I'm offended", instead, try having a conversation with the person who struck your nerve.   If the person turns out to be an *******, then fine.   At THAT point, you can call that person offensive.   But, in my experience, most people are not.
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Woot! You used my quote!!!

Oh.. and great post too lol!

Great post. I agree wholeheartedly... Open-mindedness, dialogue, communication... can prevent many conflicts.
"Cry me a river, build a bridge and get the **** over it." - GREAT quote, well done Minxy.
Some things do offend me though; they usually involve someone demeaning or insulting a person or people dear to me. However, I will be able to explain rationally why I am offended, and to accept that everyone is entitled to their opnions.

It's OK to be offended. It's not ok to say "I'm offended" without opening the door for dialogue.

this has offended me greatly

get the **** over it. :-)


I love that word. Offensensitivity.

need a boat?

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