I have never been really close with most of my family members. I always had a good relationship with my parents, but times have changed. My mother is deceased, and my father has re-married. I do not have any extended family living near me.

My parents separated & divorced back in 2000. When my mother was alive, I would go to her house & spend my free time with her. Now that she is gone, I am all alone. I still have a good relationship with my father, but it has been affected by the woman he is now married to. I do not go to his house any more because that woman is there. I have absolutely nothing in common with her, except things from a decade ago. She has a very boring life that I do not fit in with. Today, she just imposes her boring life & stupid rules on me. She has 2 daughters, and I do not have anything in common with them either.

I have 2 brothers, one older brother & one younger brother. Growing up, I was never close with them. I was never interested in anything they like, which has not changed. They have since moved away to other countries, and I do not get excited about their visits when they come back here. I have no interest in their lives where they are living now; I have never wanted to leave my home town.

I am not the kind of person who likes to do things just because other people do them. I do not want to be a part of some boring, homogeneous life. I am much happier living alone, and now I can just be who I am.
s4019t s4019t
31-35, M
Aug 19, 2014