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3 Responses Feb 22, 2009

Ah thanks Leon!! So glad you joined here. It's good - some days are off, and yeah, this last year has been more off than on it seems like ... BUT times are changing. And BTW - I love men too :)

I have seem you in a lot of places on this site. I just arrived to join in the festivities a few days ago. I ‘posted a comment on ‘I like (you con love) men who build things’, and saw you again. I am a handyman of sorts plumbing, electrical, painting ect.. as hobbies I favor working with wood but I do a little gas welding too.<br />
In the union I’m in now I stay extremely busy. There is not mush left as a couple, I fill the bill of gardener, house boy, butler, and nurse. Plus do all the upkeep for the house. I get a chance to go to the gym almost every day. (& at times I can take care of me)<br />
It really sounds like you are in a ‘blue mood’ and if I could lift your sprits a bit let me know. You are welcome to look up my stories and send me a comment.<br />
I did visit Canada a few years ago. (Toronto, just north of Buffalo, NY) The folks there were very hospitable and had a great time. <br />
oh-by-the-way---I love women.

Yep - me too :) I think we should start an island for misfit people .... xD. Yeah -- me too.