Fear And Loathing In My Life

I am trying to not become homeless, not lose seeing my kids forever, not whither away... These are constant feelings I battle everyday and at times every breathing moment. I've stopped drinking now for two and a half years and still can't get out of my own head. I failed at my marriage and I don't see my kids very much. In the recent months I have'nt seen them at all. I get to talk with them on the phone briefly.
What I am doing: I have returned to school and i hope I've made the right choice. I was working in a union for operating heavy equipment in California. The job force has been cut so bad that I have'nt worked in months. This is bad because; I can't pay child support, well, I can't survive at this point. I truly feel stuck I don't want to fail anymore...
Fahlen Fahlen
41-45, M
Jul 30, 2010