Too Much Happening

I found out about 4 or 5 months ago my dad has stomach cancer, he's had chemotherapy and surgery but doesnt ssem to be getting better or worse. It has been happening all the way through my AS Levels and i have another year of 6th form to go. Im supposed to decide soon where i want to go to university and i don't know what to do because there is too much going on to even think about it and none of my friends seem worried about it so i can't talk to them. I'm also supposed to get a job as soon as possible and then take my driving test and i feel like im under so much pressure.
stephb stephb
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 6, 2010

It's tough. And it sounds like it'll be tough for a while. But you and your Dad have been though tough times. Find strength in one another and in your family and friends. There are no magic words here, or anywhere. Do your best, and remember to keep time for yourself. I'm sure your Dad would want that.

Hey stephb, I'm sorry about your situation. My heart goes to you. Listen, you do have a mountain to climb, but you can do it! What has helped me and still helps me is to write this stuff down. Ask yourself "ok, what is everything that needs to be done?" and "When does it Have to be done?" From there you can get a handle on things. When do you take your driving test? Is that more important than getting a job? I personally say yes. With a driver's license, you can get a job anywhere. So, concentrate on the driving test now and get that out of the way as soon as possible. Then work your way down the list. Job? You'll have a driver's license, so that will open more possibilities for you since you will be able to drive to any job. College, let me tell you, I went to several schools that I applied for and I knew after a visit to each one which one I was going to. Take it easy, take it in. You will feel the right place. And I hope this will help you a little- it doesn't matter which school you go to. My degree at my University means just as much as any other school. Even Harvard. I'm not gonna lie, a degree from Harvard sounds great, impressive, and maybe open a few more doors. All I can tell you I work with people with degrees from Harvard, I make the same money and I didn't go to Harvard. Don't let prestige sway you. Go where it feels right. If it feels right to stay close to home, stay close to home. I'm not gonna lie to you, it does seem overwhelming for you right now....but, I've seen the path and I'm telling you you can do it and make it through.