A Poem About Feeling Overwhelmed

I feel overwhelmed by life i cant think i can write im pacing back and forth. No sleep is coming to my eyes. And if i do sleep what nightmares will come to me. I feel alone but am among friends how can you feel lonely if everyone is offering you there hand but i am. I could fill a whole tub with tears and drown in at and even after death the tears would still not stop falling. Yet i was not raped but i feel dirty but i feel dirty and i am not disfigured or burned but i hear there taunting wicked laughter. What is this lord did i make a wrong turn somewhere and miss the muffin man living on drury lane . Was i so blind that i walked right past that land of milk honey you set for me that i could not taste and enjoy the honey. I think so much why life sucks and am overwhelmed by the pain. I need a bottle of champagne to lift my spirits drugs are bad but that one high could alter me and i would feel like a god and im not one maybe thats why its so hard i dont have any power. The law always stop me the rules always say sorry you cant just go to paradise you have to swim across oceans of sharks and waves and violent thunder storms to come here. Thats the way it is you have to fight in this world or someone else will get the girl. And you will be overwhelmed. But you will also know how to hold on
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Sep 4, 2011