Single mother with 2 teenage boys, succeeding with my career, killer workload without any family support or financial support from my ex husband and living in one of the most expensive cities in the world Sydney Australia. Sometimes it's hard holding it together and continue with wonderwoman duties. One good thing I guess is my boyfriend who doesn't live with me is actually pretty good and supportive. Lol I don't know how I manage without ever being on prescription medication or turning into a raging alcoholic. Just venting here ugh independence truly sucks
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You are AMAZING!! Forget your ex, he's that for a reason! I have 1 son and married but still can't get my **** together. I know the kind of bills you pay, I feel like I work just to pay half of them. Put your feet up and have a coffee, you deserve it. Oh, don't forget to give yourself a huge hug from me. I'm proud of you. I wish I could do it half as good! :)

I am unfamiliar with the laws there, but why isn't your ex-husband required to provide financial support - at least for your children?

Yes he is supposed to. Owes my sons and I $15000 but the child support agency can't find him. I'm really tired. My youngest who's 13 is starting to get out of control with his hormones and testosterone playing havoc. Always getting into trouble at school this year. I'm lucky I've got a great relationship with my eldest whose 18. He's like my rock