Too Much Stress

My daughter has schizophrenia and my husband and I are raising our 5 year old and 1 year old granddaughters. We've spent the last two years embroiled in a custody battle with one father and CPS proceedings for the youngest. Presently, we have custody of one and the youngest is still a ward of the state. The oldest has been diagnosed with autism and we've also had a very difficult time this year with the school system. Last year my husband's business burned down. He was under insured so he essentially lost everything. Not to be deterred, he went back to construction work but quickly found that there were very few jobs available. He applied for construction/security jobs in the Middle East and Canada but, due to diabetes, he was even rejected for those jobs. He's been on unemployment for nearly 8 months and his health insurance expired 2 months ago. We couldn't afford COBRA. He got sick last week and I had to take him to the hospital on Saturday. They put him in ICU for severe pneumonia but found 2 large masses on his lungs during a CT scan. They told him it was very likely cancer. On his second day in ICU, a social worker walked in with an itemized bill for 27,000.00 and told me that I needed to find a way to pay it. For the next two days, I filled out paperwork and ran to different agencies rather than spend time with my critically ill husband. He was a veteran so the VA finally agreed to take him. This morning, he rode a shuttle bus to a VA hospital. He was so weak by the time he got there that he could hardly talk. 

I usually manage well with these stressors but my husband's illness has nearly floored me. I am just sick with worry and overwhelmed with everything else.

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My prayers goahead