Stay Or Let Go

Seems to me knowing who you are what you want and lots to do and live for isn't enough ... has to be more to it, spiritual is good, work is good, social is good, sounds like depression, but alas it is not, nor is it searching for a problem with sabotage ... I get the feeling being attuned to life, it is pretty dam sad out there despite what people say or how they act, seeing thru it, it's not pretty ... so less is more, when society is based on consuming more equals your good enough when that is a lie, when the slogan lets pretend I give a ... and leave it at that, is a jewish put down swipe at life, then there are those that say it's about me from now on and no bullshit, good true, but let us think, if we all thought like that how would life be ???  So my friends I conclude with this, the only happieness is harmony with who you are an connection with nature, in another like soul or primordal nature, all else is conditoning and false ... I know this applying so that is another matter, see you on the other side ...

yeup yeup
Mar 6, 2009