Too Many At One Time!

Yes, I am a friend to all. My door is always open. I will listen, will be there for a person, try to offer some advice or care. And this is how I will be, until the day I die. It's my true self, helping others runs in my blood! My whole family is the same, believe it or not. :-)

But sometimes, I do get a bit overwhelmed... not from one person, or two people... or even three. I can handle that! But it's when a whole crowd of people come through that door, all of them wanting my ear and my support. I am highly empathetic by nature and will often try to put myself in the other person's shoes. So, I feel deeply about the others issues. And with each person, I am slowly drained of my own emotional well being, but it's worth it, if I can help! But when it's a crowd, I am drained more than I can restock my energy... so the end result of that is me crashing! And crashing hard! :-/

I did so, yesterday. It's no ones fault, mind you. But I let too many people lay their heads on my shoulder and things got heavy. By the end of the evening, I was so overwhelmed... drained.... and when I get this way, I often get physically sick... which I did. Fevers and migraine headaches... I didn't even want to eat anything, my stomach was doing flip-flops! Usually, I have my sister to run to, so I can get a dose of energy replenishment. But she is out of town, this week. And I learned that I do a ****-poor job of bringing my own emotional levels back up. :-o

So, I know what I need to work on! But, meanwhile... I have to pace myself when helping others. Too many at once makes me useless to my real EP friends. And I dropped the ball on one of them, because I was so overwhelmed. Sorry, BC! :-(

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Mar 28, 2009