These sure are some trying times. It's been a rough few years in my home, on many different levels. Lost so much, emotionally and.......
Tired of the stress daily living brings. Rolling with the punches as best as I can, but, it's overwhelming at times!! Worry, worry, worry, that's about all I do anymore. It's tearing me apart, I can even see PHYSICAL affects of it all! I worry about my kids, my finances, my marriage, my health, ect (don't we all?!)....there just doesn't seem to be a break from the constant strife!! It hasn't always been this way. I have faith that things will get better and that there is light at the end of the tunnel, but, sometimes it's so overwhelming, like today and I just want to SCREAM!!!!!!
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and this is why I finally gave in and decided it is time to go on depression meds. It really does help and takes the edge off.

I was going to say that too - that I'm also overwhelmed with worries about my future.<br />
<br />
One of the ways that I use to "escape" from my crazy worry is to do some exercise or walk in a park. Sometimes nature is very healing.<br />
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I also find writing helpful...that's what led me here LOL<br />
Maybe sharing experiences with friends. If non is available I guess this place is good for sharing..

Ahh yes i can relate .. try and find yourself a little 'me' time every day .. i finding writing quite theraputic or a nice long soak in the bath relaxing .. or i turn the music up and drown the world outside or go for a walk and take in the beauty around me .. still i have been known to throw things, stamp my feet and scream my frustrations .. this helps too :) .. hehe

I related to your post like it was mine.Stress and strife..fix this, worry about that. Something new and concerning comes up. We make evey attempt to do the right stuff and be the best person.Seems like problems arrive through the front door or in the mailbox. I had my little, daily chant, "I can't do eveything" helps .

I know that feeling too.....Hugs!