Family And Emotions

I am 13 born on October 5 1999.Lately I've been feeling overwhelmed I know what you're thinking you're ******* 13 you don't know anything.Well let me tell you I'm 8th grade and it's sad we do act like children but it not the same most of us faced that fall from innocence where you are never the same.Maybe it happens when you're older when you guys where our age but it's sad really we got hit by this cold world that made us grow up too fast.

Okay enough about I feel overwhelmed because all this stuff came me.First my grandma died she was the only one who made me feel special and i could do anything.She died and everything changed.I started realizing what was happening around me.My mom and dad were always fighting and I thought that didn't mean and thing I mean people fight all the time.Then I started realizing they didn't act like my cousin's parents.They couldn't even hug each other.My mom and dad aren't really the people to hug but come on can't you hug your kids.I actually told my mom this and she said I carried you when you were small.

I then started to see that I have no one close to me to tell and my problems.I am kinda the joker of the group so I don't really have a best friend.That didn't really bug me but sometimes you need someone to lean on once in a while.I was fine being the clown in the group I figured I'm gonna
be a memory in someone's life someday at least I'll make it a good one.

Then my dad started leaving more often he left to mexico in may,it's december now.I feel like he isn't ready to be a dad even thought he's old.He wasn't three in my birthdays or my first communion.He doesn't celebrate christmas or any holiday with us.He goes in and out my life.I'm starting to feel like I can trust anybody.

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well, im 13 too and i agree with a lot of stuff your saying so, if you need someone to talk to, you can talk to me. <3 stay strong <3

Thanks that really means a lot right now

:) don't worry, as cliche as this might sound, it DOES GET BETTER. Don't worry about not fitting in or thinking about what you think their thinking(did that make sense??) JUST BE YOU and with you're parents, honestly just grin and bear it. But what helps if finding a hobby or something to pass time or help you open your eyes. I choose music and reading and that really helped. Try.