Daddy Still Screamed

 I'll never forget the screams.
Nothing can erase that  rumble that shook my house
Most people don't know
my daddy can roar.
I hope they never know.

I felt my heart breaking, literally,
a piece falling out as my brother cried.
It fell down, down, down,
into a black hole, an endless hole,
never to be seen again.

Daddy still screamed. Mommy cried.

I tried to catch it, but I couldn't hold on
It slipped though my fingers
It dissappeared.

Daddy still screamed. My brothers cried

If someone caught it, and put it back,
back into place, in the hole in my heart,
would it even fit the same?

Daddy still screamed. I cried

No, the cracks and scars would forever remain.
Some wounds can't be healed

My brothers cried,
My mom cried
I cried.

And daddy still screamed as the rest of my heart tried not to shatter.
Daddy still screamed.
Daddy still screamed.

This isn't exactly what I set out to write, and I think I could have done it better. Regardless, this is for all of those kids who have been mentally abused. You can't see mental abuse/emotional abuse, but it is as real as any other type of abuse. Stay strong out there.
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you can know what wrong with your dad by HelloSpy

My brother and I have been exactly where you described so many times. He was our step father, though I call him satan.....I know how that feels, to be screamed at even if that person is mad at someone else, they smile at the person that caused their anger, but, as soon as they left, this scene was what we lived almost on a daily basis, and it was some times over the stupidest things....It was always an awful experience......The screaming causes depression, and panic attacks even as an adult for me. The name calling was horrid. I have been called every name but human from this perverted *********, my brother (who is now deceased) and I both were always referred to as the "little bastards" and that was on a good day...............Thank you for writing this post...

It is so degrading being in an atmosphere with all that anger. I'm so sorry about your experiences, I know how terrible it is. And even when things are over, the yelling is impossible to forget. I hope you are recovering, no one should have to go through things like this. Thank you for reading

I am recovering, this was much easier to deal with than the other types of abuse we suffered....I am sorry you had to go through this as well, it's never easy to het over someone constantly yelling at you, I hope you are beginning to heal and wish you the best.........I do understand.....

I want to make a group for children who went through that. Theyd get uniforms and training to fight back and destroy against the society that allowed it to happen

This sound like a bad idea. A really bad idea. Uniforms, training to destroy society. Yeah.

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It may not have been what you set out to write, but it is certainly powerful. I hope this is not written from personal experience. If it is, I hope you can get plenty of therapy to help you through, and he (Daddy) should be sent packing.

Thank you. Unfortunately, it is from personal experience, but a lot of things in my life have changed since then, and this is about my past. It hasn't been easy, but I'm coming closer to peace with it every day. Thanks for reading

Good luck in your future. I wish you peace.