Neglect Is The Same As Abuse

A little girl that just moved to our school, comes dirty everyday, and has nits in her hair from lice.  When she found out another  little girl was getting adopted she told me she wished she was getting adopted and they could be sisters.  How sad is that?  Her mother is living, and she wants to be adopted.  The mother couldn't even tell me how many times they had moved this past year, and the little girl told me how her mother has lots of boy friends!
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you can know how to sympathize her by knowing more by HelloSpy

I think little ones since people that care about them. I hope they always view me in that way. As a teacher I'm not sure how much academics they learn from me, but I hope that they know I care about each of them.

These parents need to be reported to cps, as many times as it takes a hug helps but is short lived make a difference report

At the end of school they had already moved again. No wonder the little girl is so below grade level!