Lowell Mom Accused Of Dragging 10-year-old Daughter And Punching Her In The Nose

I want to share this with you what transpired yesterday, it pains me to think that people can be so laxed in there way of thinking. This came from a local Boston News source. Please weigh in your thoughts.

By Colin A. Young and Alejandra Matos, Globe Correspondent

LOWELL – The 27-year-old mother accused of dragging her 10-year-old daughter from a neighbor’s house and punching her in the nose told police they could not interfere with the way she chose, as a parent, to discipline her daughter, officials said today.

Carla Williams was arrested by Lowell police Tuesday evening on Ennell Street after they were called to the Williams home to investigate a report of domestic violence. Arriving officers found Williams’s 10-year-old daughter, whose name was not released, with a bloody nose and hands stained with blood as the child tried to stem the flow of blood.

The girl told police she was playing with friends across the street when her enraged mother came out of their house and dragged her across the street, police said today. The girl told police her mother dragged her up the stairs by her wrist and then by her ankle and put her in the bedroom.

During her arraignment in Lowell District Court today, Middlesex Assistant District Attorney Joseph Galvin said Williams told police they should leave her and her daughter alone. Galvin also said Williams admitted dragging her daughter home from a neighbor’s house.

“‘Yeah, I grabbed her and dragged her ... across the street,’’ Williams allegedly told police. “There is nothing you can do about it. I’m her mother, and I can discipline her however I need to.’”

But Lowell police said Williams was arrested because officers concluded she used “unreasonable physical force’’ against her daughter. Galvin said a neighbor confirmed the girl’s account, also quoting Williams as telling her daughter, “I am tired of you ruining my life.”

Williams pleaded not guilty in court today where bail was set at $500 cash. A judge allowed her to stay out of the courtroom during her arraignment.

In court, defense attorney Maryellen Cuthbert said that the child is herself the source of conflict between parent and child. Without being specific, Cuthbert said Williams has searched for an effective way to discipline her daughter, but has been frustrated by the child’s limitations.

“The child has issues,’’ Cuthbert said.

Galvin, the prosecutor, said the state Department of Children and Families is investigating Williams and her family.

Where does the fine line begin and end and how bad does it have to be to show that child abuse is on the rise. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior.
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I think this is clearly abuse. Apply these actions to adults... If one adult acted in that way to another, they would be charged with assault and battery. I believe children should be, at minimum, protected under these same laws.

there are laws that is suppose to protect minors from such abuse

You're correct in that there are certain laws to protect children from the extremes of abuse. If a parent, for example, grabs a child, shakes him, smacks his bottom it is not necessarily a criminal offense. Within the law, the above examples are all grey areas. If an adult did said actions to another adult they would be charged as a criminal.