And Many Go Unnoticed

I used to work in housing so had a few cases of child abuse come to my attention. I chose to deal with the cases myself as i had reported it to the relevant authority and no action was taken..this happened on several occassions so i took it upon myself to make sure i would just drop in every week without fail. The parents knew exactly what i was doing and i didnt care if they did!..the kids were in danger and noone was taking any notice of my concerns so i checked myself. I feel pain for abused children but i also feel a lot of people see things and do nothing about them...even the authorities!. Actions speak louder than words especially to a child. 

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I often wonder about CPS ( Called DCFS in Los Angeles) Me and my husband are currently involved in a difficult and very emotional case involving our youngest son. ( Read my article "We were wrongly accused of not feeding our son") We often wonder if CPS/DCFS is really concerned about the welfare of the child or is just there own jobs and egos!!!!

sneakyfox you are so right and i can feel you have a heart full of compassion, love and understanding and thats all it takes. xx more power to you.

I have two sons, ( one is 10 and 1/2 years old and the other is 4 years and 9 months old).No way would I ever abuse them in that manor or ever allow anyone to treat them like I was treated!! I've always had enough compassion and empathy to know that it is wrong and downright sick to treat anyone like that. Not all abused or maltreated children grow up to be abusive parents. I guess we each have our own ways of coping with such bad childhood experiences. Some of us have a much kinder heart.

I'm sorry to hear you had to go through something so horrific sneakyfox, its not fair on any child to suffer like that. Im sorry you had to, but i hope its taught you not to treat any children you have or may have in the same or a similar manner. So often you hear stories of people that go on to repeat their own abuse. The cycle of abuse has to stop and that starts by us acknowledgeing that what happened to us is not something we would want to inflict on any innocent child!, least of all our own. Life is valuable and should be treated as such. xx I can assure you did not deserve to be treated this way especially by those who are supposed to love and protect you. xxxxxxx

I have several unpleasant memories from my own childhood(check out my stories,"Kicked like a Dog" and "Locked in my Bedroom" if you like) that in today's society would be considered ABUSE!. When I was a kid and these incidents happened, I figured I somehow deserved such treatment, I really did not know how to report these incidents to a teacher or other adult . I did not even know about CPS!!!( I was a very withdrawn and rather reserved kid, I guess because I figured my parents never listened to me and blamed me for a lot of things!!!!). I was not the only kid that suffered in silence,and it is unfortunate that many continue to do so today. Child abuse just makes me sick!

tasmin you are so right, they seem to be getting it all wrong. I think the system needs to be overhauled. If they have staff that arent doing their jobs with the children in mind then they need to go. If they have staff that are incompetant they need to go. If they have staff that dont follow the guidelines put in place to protect the children they are supposed to be protecting they need to go, if they have staff that are skiving and making up false reports and are caught they need to go. All home visits should have two people from social services present. If these people want to protect children then they have to learn first about signs of abuse, when i think back to little victoria and the chances social services had to protect her my heart aches. Its a disgrace and it is a criminal act on their part. Someone who knows a child is being abused and does nothing is equally to blame. I will protect any child from abuse at any time against anyone.

I watched a tv documentary last night (in England) about a childrens home and social workers.They showed stories of a few chidren but one that upest me the most was a boy 14/15 years who was having 6 monthly supervised visits to see his mother. His mother had been in prison and many years ago made the headlines for running away with him as they wanted to take him into care. The boy clearly loves his mother very much and was saying how proud he is that she has turned her life round . He went for a visit with two social workers ( and spent most his time playing with his younger sister and talking with his older sister) who were impressed with everything and when they came back they agreed he would go on unsupervised visits.But then they said they would take him there and back and he could not go for months ( he was owed visits) The boy lost his temper with the social worker and ran off very very upset.I am not explaining this very well as you had to watch the doc really.But for me what was heartbreaking was that the boy and mother have strong love for each other and the social workers were acting like GodIt is not as if he is a young child and there there no mention of direct buse.The mother had done housekeeping and life skills courses and from her interview I got the impression that she was very uneducated and had been involved with drugs and had poor parenting skills but had done her very best to improve.It seems to me that social workers are very judgemental and dictorial towards people with poor parenting skills who are open and try their best to improve.<br />
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Sorry, my link to your story is that from the programe the social workers seemed to spend their time talking about families that seemed to love and support each other and appeared to be doing everything they were asked to do ..<br />
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Yet, there are so many parents not being investigated who are cold and abusive and able to hide their neglect and cruelty behind an educated veneer <br />
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prettywomannautaum I wish more people did care, the people that are supposed to care are often doing the job purely for money and therefore they dont take things seriously. What happened to people doing their jobs for love or because they care about the children they are there to protect. Im sorry you had to go through this. These people that do this are not well, they are warped. There is no excuse for it and they should be given appropriate sentances to reflect the damage they have caused. Mental scars take a lot longer to heal but i can hear you have strength and you are through it...thankfully it is over. Dont allow it to ruin the rest of your life, whoever done this to you doesnt deserve all of your life do they. So you go out there and become something anything you become is better than anything they will ever be. Just you remember that. xx i wish you all of the luck in your future happiness.

Bravo, very few people who care like you do....God bless you! Michelle<br />
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Survivor of childhood sexual abuse...wish someone had cared back when I was a child, there should be more like you

i am sorry to hear about your treatment at the hands of your parents you know they say you can choose your friends but you cant choose your family!...its true so make sure you surround yourself with positive good people, you dont have to become like your parents and you know they are wrong in the way they have handled you!. I am here if ever you need an adult who cares..and i mean that most sincerely!.xx

Thank GOD for people like you. So many caseworkers of mine dont give a ****. I guess because my family is good friends with every ******* police man thats around here...they just dont do anything. I dont know how many times I was hit and called a piece of **** and many other things...then my mom would call the police...crying? Saying I hit her and they would come and say how bad I am that they know kids like me, and that they wouldve done worse. Im terrified of doctors, police, and therapists now...because no one can see past their bullshit I guess and Im labled as an "out of control kid" just because my mom says so when all I do is stay up in my room all day and cry. I dont get it...