People say depression is a passive kind of feeling.I digress!
Everytime my little bubble breaks and the reality bites back at me,I feel an intense pain on my chest.It is both like a big weight dragging me down and million needles piercing me.
I have difficulty breathing and I usually cough.I've been to the doctor a lot of times and he says it is asthma caused by psychological reasons.
He then sends me to a psychiatrist,who prescribes me meds.I don't take them.
I try to beat the sickness by myself but it is not enough.I am stuck.
How would you describe experiencing depression physically?
22-25, F
1 Response Sep 1, 2014

That's almost identical to mine. It feels like someone has attached a weight to my heart and is pulling down with all their force; it's the heaviest feeling of absolute emptiness that I have ever felt, and it gnaws at me almost all the time; when I'm alone, sometimes, I double over and sob on the floor because it hurts so badly. The only thing that can ease the pain of loneliness is music.